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Remote Learning Offer


Information for parents on how we provide remote education in the event of full or partial school closures during the Covid 19 Pandemic.


In October 2020, all pupils attending Field House Infant and Nursery School were provided with home learning packs containing appropriate resources such as text books, workbooks, paper and pencils to be used at home in the event of any school closure. Resources provided covered a wide range of learning areas / curriculum subjects.


All registered pupils have access to our online learning subscriptions such as Phonics Play and Big Cat Books for reading.


All parents are asked to sign up to our home-school communication tool Class Dojo on starting our school. During any partial or whole school closures, this is used to set learning, share completed work, provide feedback and act as a messaging service between teacher and parent. 




Frequently Asked Questions

What should we expect from remote learning in the first couple of days of any closure?

Information shared daily on Dojo with learning tasks given for each day.


Following the first few days will the curriculum be the same as the children who are attending school are receiving?

The learning at home tasks are the same as the learning in school tasks for all children.


How long should we spend on work set by the school in EYFS and KS1?

The government expects a minimum of 3 hours learning per day. This should not be a solid block but made up of several shorter sessions which include variety such as watching staff teaching videos, listening to stories, viewing YouTube clips and carrying out tasks in workbooks or on paper provided. Young children learn through play and first-hand experience so there will be lots of playing games, experimenting, being outdoors and using everyday experiences and equipment planned to help them learn and develop.


How do we access any online remote education set / delivered by the school?

Work will be set daily on class Dojo.  This can be accessed on phones, tablets or PCs.  A range of teaching methods will be used, appropriate to age and aptitude. 


If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how can they access the learning?

Class Dojo can be used on a PC or on your phone/tablet. The learning is explained directly in video clips by teachers and can be watched on the phone or PC at any time to suit parental commitments.  The school will access LA resources where possible to provide access to digital devices. Paper packs will be provided for anyone with no digital access. 


What is expected from me as a parent in order to engage my child and support their learning at home?

As a parent, try and establish a daily routine that works for you and your child. If you have any difficulties, message the class teacher who will be happy to give guidance.


How will you be checking my child is engaging with the learning you are delivering?

Staff will be checking to see who has accessed and completed the work posted in your child’s portfolio on Dojo. Again, any issues can be messaged directly to your child’s teacher directly.


How will you as a school assess my child’s work and progress?

We will assess by looking at completed work posted on Dojo and by reading and responding to your posts on home learning.  General and individual feedback will be given by teachers. 


If my child needs help to access the learning, is there any support for SEND or those too young to use the technology independently?

We have sent out home learning packs and these are to be used in conjunction with the daily information on Dojo. Different children may have different packs of workbooks to meet their individual needs.


Is there any difference if a whole group are self-isolating while some of the group remain in school?

There is no different as work is posted daily regardless of whether some or all the children are at home.